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Coloring of
Epoxy resin systems

Coloring of: high-quality floor coatings, industrial flooring for car parks or for production halls, oil platforms, design and furniture construction or EP casted elastomer. ISL color pastes are the perfect choice for coloring mechanically and chemically highly resistant epoxy systems. They can also be used to coat large areas homogeneously without any color shift.

Our color pastes provide color to insulators, pillars and transformers in the electrical sector. Beside this they are used in 2-component epoxy adhesives more often.

Thanks to the formulation on epoxy resins as binders, ISL pigment preparations are very well compatible in epoxy systems.


The carefully selected pigments for our products meet high requirements in terms of light and weather fastness as well as temperature and chemical resistance.

Whether standard or tailor made solutions: ISL offers the right product for every application.