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of varnishes and lacquers

ISL offers a comprehensive range of high-quality pigment pastes for both conventional and waterborne coating systems for the coatings industry. Our portfolio includes binder-free and binder-containing pigment pastes, which covers a wide range of applications.

Our pigment pastes covers the full application range as it is used all over the coatings industry e.g. in wood, furniture, plastic, automotive and industrial lacquers or in textile coatings.

The reproducible color consistency due to tight production parameters of the monopigment pastes ensures a reliable and effective operation in your production. Our pigment preparations are well designed for automatic metering usage – gravimetric and volumetric.


We are pioneers in environmental protection and develop water-based paints and products that have no or low VOC content (below 0.5%). All RUNACOLOR® products are glycol-free.

The expanded and optimized product range includes both universally applicable and specially formulated preparations for coloring industrial coating systems.

The right product perfectly matched all your applications – from ISL.