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Assured product quality.

Quality – for our products as well as our processes - is ISL’s top priority. As part of our integrated management system we ensure that our processes and structures are well documented and optimised on an ongoing basis. Three certifications epitomise our quality awareness: DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001.

In order to ensure the high quality of our colour products, we exclusively use raw materials and supplies from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. We have extensive knowledge of binders, dispersants, additives and pigments. We have been leading the way in pigment dispersion in various liquid media since the 1970s – our products, with colour shades tailored to customer requirements, were the first to be used in the industrial production of injection-moulded PU parts.

All goods received are subjected to careful inspection. Our product control extends to the entire manufacturing cycle and includes semi-finished as well as finished products.

In addition to standard quality assurance processes, we use further, more detailed processes to develop and adjust our products. The optimal dispersion of our pigment pastes, for example, is examined using particle size distribution and we examine the stability of our products (e.g. with regard to sedimentation behaviour). The technology is managed by an experienced laboratory team whose expert eyes are still indispensable for the evaluation and approval of colour shades.