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Appropriate color pastes from the specialist


At UTECH Europe 2021 in Maastricht from 16 to 18 November 2021 ISL will be presenting long-term proven products as well as new products for the colouring and coating of polyurethanes.

ISL color products are precisely adjusted to the PU systems and the individual process conditions. In the process, customers receive any desired color shade with excellent color consistency, according to the known color systems or to match their own samples. ISL products are used in the automotive, lifestyle and health and coatings industry.

ISOPUR and MOLTOPREN®-Pigment Pastes

For example, the individual ISOPUR range are based on different binders to exactly meet the requirements of different PU systems. The careful selection of organic and inorganic pigments with high fastness and durability enables full coverage of the entire color space.

ISOPUR enables laser marking

The pigment pastes of the ISOPUR series are also suitable for applications in which polymers are to be marked by laser. Through careful selection and the appropriate combination of different, high-quality pigments, almost all color shades can be marked by laser. The different color shades can be marked either by foaming or carbonization.

ISL has succeeded by using suitable pigment combinations, marking even critical color shades that do not have an absorption maximum in the wavelength range of the laser.

With this it is possible, on the one hand, to make products ready to laser in the customer's production by subsequently adding the newly developed paste and, on the other hand, to obtain an exactly matched laserable color shade directly from ISL.

Portfolio of black pastes

Extensive developments have made it possible for ISL to offer a broad product portfolio of black pastes today. The continuous close cooperation with our partners enables the black pastes to meet the increasingly restrictive requirements, e.g. of the automotive industry with regard to a reduction of the emission values VOC and fogging (VDA278), in combination with suitable polyurethane systems. This allows extensive use in automotive interiors. The portfolio also offers high-color pastes with particularly low PAH content (PAH-list AfPS-GS-2014-01).

To ensure optimum processability, black pastes with a wide viscosity range are offered in different color shades and with different pigment contents / color intensities. Furthermore, black pastes based on renewable raw materials are also available. In addition, pastes can be developed according to customer-specific requirements. In this way, a particularly high-quality piano lacquer look can be achieved on the component by means of special formulation in close coordination with the customer.

Versatile MOLTOPREN®-Pigment pastes

This product range is particularly suitable for coloring polyurethane flexible foams based on polyether and polyester. They are characterized by a wide range of applications, e. g. the coloring of rigid and integral polyurethane foams, UP casting resins, PMMA sheet goods and PU adhesives. The incorporation of the carrier binder into the foam is in slabstock/ flexible foam production crucial. It must not negatively affect the positive properties of the sensitive foam systems. In particular through the targeted selection of the appropriate carrier binder, ISL color products meet these requirements.

In addition, ISL offers reactive dyes of the MOLTOPREN®-S range.

They are low viscous and stand out with their high colour brilliance as well as colour strength. Thanks to an optimum integration of the reactive dye via hydroxyl-functional groups into the polyurethane-foam the colored foams will not bleed, enable reduced streaking and provide good storage stability. In addition to the basic colors red, blue and yellow, mixed colors are also available according to customer requirements. Furthermore, ISL is constantly working on additional basic colors, e.g. like aqua and orange.

RUNACOLOR®-WU: Pigment pastes in waterborne PU imitation leather

In addition to many different applications, RUNACOLOR®-WU pigment pastes are also suitable for coloring waterborne PU based artificial leathers. In this way, ISL contributes to reducing the need for PVC in these applications. By carefully selecting a wide variety of high-quality pigments, it is possible to reproduce almost any color. A special feature within the RUNACOLOR®-WU range is offered by selected pigment pastes, which can be used to produce translucent materials in appropriately matched formulations. This can be used to display design effects, ambient lighting or functional information signals in the automotive interior.

Customized IMC solutions from ISL

IMC technology can basically be used wherever moulded parts are made of polyurethane. Many of the PU applications require a subsequent coating of the surface of the moulded part, either for optical reasons or as a special protective function against physical or chemical demands.

Additional painting is no longer necessary thanks to the surface optimized with ISOTHAN®-In-Mould-Coating directly in the mold. They are available in solvent-based or waterborne 1K- or 2-K systems.

In-Mould-Coating for Spray-Skin applications

In-Mould-Coatings stand the test in applications like the PU-Spray-Skin method. Here an aromatic PU-system is sprayed into a pre-tempered mould. Due to the ISL-ISOTHAN®-IMC applied to the mould in advance, the surface of the spray skin is already refined and protected during the manufacturing process and a pleasant feel is achieved. Fast color changes and multicolor PU parts are possible using the spray skin process. The components manufactured in this way are approved for use in Zone 1 and, in addition to reduced weight, offers cost savings through lower process temperatures compared to alternative technologies.

A partner to the polyurethane industry for over 50 years

ISL is more than just a product supplier. A team of experienced application engineers and developers who work closely with customers and the market enable the company to respond quickly to trends, as well as helping to shape them. An excellent understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in producing polyurethane and comprehensive knowledge of the raw materials has made ISL a reliable partner to the polyurethane industry for over 50 years now.

The ISL Team is looking forward to the visit of customers and interested parties at its booth no. E25 at UTECH Europe 2021 in Maastricht from 16.-18.11.2021.


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