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Advanced Colours at Paint Expo


ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG has been a competent system partner for the elastomer, plastics and lacquer industry for more than 45 years. In close cooperation with its customers, ISL develops Advanced Colors: paint products and special coatings precisely tuned to the respective application, and provides support with analytical and application-related services. ISL’s presentation at this year’s Paint Expo focuses on water-based and solvent-based in-mould coatings for polyurethane moulded parts as well as pigment pastes for colouring lacquers and coating systems.

Perfect surfaces – well protected with ISL-IMC

Moulded polyurethane parts refined by in-mould coating stand out for higher resistance to physical and chemical stresses and thus longer life.

With the ISOTHAN product line and corresponding “In-Mould Complete” service, ISL offers its customers coordinated services for everything related to the coating of moulded polyurethane parts, from developing to demoulding. Special focus is on supporting customers regarding use of ISL products, production of existing products and development of new products.

The ISOTHAN in-mould coatings allow you to adjust the degree of hardness as desired in all kinds of applications where moulded polyurethane parts need comprehensive protection, such as in seat cushions for ski lifts or even motorcycles. Surfaces of moulded parts refined by ISOTHAN in-mould coatings gain a high-quality character, while the optionally flexibly adjusted coating will permanently follow every movement of the moulded part without any loss of adhesion. In-mould coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors. ISOTHAN-IMC coatings are available as solvent-based or water-based, single- or two-component versions and are adjusted precisely to the requirements of the respective application. Pigment pastes coordinated perfectly to the IMC coating for colouring polyurethane systems round off the ISL product range for the application area of polyurethanes.

ISOVERSAL pigment preparations: universal and special.

ISOVERSAL is a product line of pigment preparations for universal application in lacquers, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals, as well as in products specially adapted to the binder of the respective application area. The product line stands out for optimal pigment concentration, excellent stability and use of high-quality pigments. The ISL pigment preparations are perfectly suitable for use in automatic dosing systems (gravimetric or volumetric dosing). The ISOVERSAL product line covers the entire colour spectrum with a careful selection of highly light- and weatherproof pigments that are also resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. Reproducible colour consistency and tight tolerances of mono-pigmented pastes ensure product reliability and greater efficiency in the customer’s production processes.

ISL in Kürten near Cologne has been a member of the Berlac Group since 2005 and, with 100 employees, has been producing pigment pastes and lacquers for the plastics and paint industry for more than 45 years. ISL is an incorporated member of the Swiss Berlac Group.

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