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Scorching and yellowing – no thanks!


Additive blend from ISL significantly reduces undesirable scorching and yellowing of soft polyurethane foams

Unwanted aging processes are one of the most common reasons for material damage in polyurethanes. Causes of this damage are oxidation processes induced by light and/or heat. Due to its open-pored structure soft polyurethane foam is affected especially often by yellowing and scorching.

The brightener-stabilizer blend “Antiscorch and Anti-yellowing” newly developed by ISL is a product specially developed for the extremely demanding nature of soft polyurethane foam, and significantly helps to reduce these undesirable aging and degradation processes. By using the product damaging, high-energy UV radiation is effectively filtered.

The optimally adjusted, synergetic blend also provides excellent protection against thermal stress. Thermally induced degradation processes during manufacture (scorching) and during the processing phase (thermofoaming) are effectively minimized.

The blend essentially comprises three product groups:

1)   UV absorbers

2)   Combination of antioxidants with diverse functionalities

3)   Optical brighteners

This combination leads to the following effects:

-       By UV absorbers and primary antioxidants: Reduction of short- to medium-term yellowing of foam, from production to sale of the finished product (approx. 4–6 weeks)

-       By secondary antioxidants: Reduction of thermal yellowing in foams for the textile industry (e.g. bra cups or shoulder pads) destined for post-manufacture shaping in the so-called thermofoaming process. Reduction of scorching, e.g. in countries with very hot climatic conditions and high air humidity, as well as for special foams with low density, high water content or flame-retardant systems

-       By optical brighteners: “Super white effect” with brilliant, brightened degrees of white

The ISL brightener-stabilizer blend has been developed for universal application in polyether and polyester slabstocks and is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is liquid and therefore easy to dose, and is excellently compatible with other additives.

ISL in Kürten near Cologne has been a member of Berlac Group since 2005 and has been producing pigment pastes and lacquers for the plastics industry for more than 45 years.


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