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Content - ISL presented new products at the world’s largest plastics trade fair

ISL presented new products at the world’s largest plastics trade fair


According to the event organizers, K 2013 exceeded all expectations by attracting over 200,000 visitors.

Over eight days, 3,200 exhibitors from the raw materials, plastics processing and mechanical engineering industries presented their products to the trade visitors from around the world. ISL, manufacturer of colour pastes and coatings for the plastics industry, exhibited its innovations in the field of in-mould coating of polyurethane moulded parts and phthalate-free colouration of soft PVC at the Berlac Group’s joint booth.

The main head-turner for many of the visitors interested in ISL’s products were the exhibits on display. For the area of phthalate-free colouration of soft PVC, the products on show exhibited the great diversity of applications for the ISOCOLOR-HD product line. The binder used for the phthalate-free product line, Hexamoll-Dinch®, allows soft PVC product manufacturers to colour their products with reliability. At request, ISL verifies the suitability of the phthalate-free pastes for application in sensitive areas such as medical engineering, for example. The customer can therefore be assured that the colour pastes used have no negative influence on the positive properties of the final product.

Many visitors also examined the automotive moulded parts manufactured with ISOTHAN in-mould coatings. Hands-on samples showed the diversity of surface designs that can be achieved using ISL in-mould coatings. New developments allow, for example, soft and flexible settings of the in-mould coatings as well as hard and impact-resistant settings for outdoor applications. New projects and surface protection in the automotive and non-automotive industries were the main topic during IMC-related discussions.

With the trade visitors who were interested in ISL and its product range came a large number of new contacts. Most of the visitors to ISL were from Germany and Europe, but many had also come from further away, for example China, Egypt and India.

The follow-up work in the wake of the trade fair accordingly promises to be quite fruitful for the colouring specialist. “The discussions with our existing customers and the many new contacts during the trade fair have yielded new developmental themes,” Regina Wolf, marketing head of ISL, explains. “We look forward to inspiring projects, which we will initiate together with our customers and prospects with pleasure.”

ISL in Kürten near Cologne has been a member of Berlac Group since 2005 and has been producing pigment pastes and lacquers for the plastics industry for more than 45 years.


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