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Enhanced manufacturing technology for pigment preparations


Latest generation circulation mill installed at ISL

Last year, ISL, a producer of pigment preparations for lacquers and coatings, installed a circulator mill produced by the company Netzsch, Germany to manufacture aqueous pigment pastes.

 After the first few months in service, it became apparent that the unit improves product quality thanks to a lower tolerance concerning grain size distribution. For aqueous pigment preparations, consistent quality is particularly decisive to facilitate further processing in the lacquer system.

 Pigment preparations produced using conventional bead mills usually have a broader grain size distribution. This results in varying manufacturing conditions for lacquer producers.

 The use of the innovative circulation mill resulting in improved product stability has an additional advantage for lacquer producers. Water-based pigment preparations are manufactured with very narrow tolerances. The use of a control technique with a broad choice of parameters allows a mode of operation ideally adapted to the individual products. High-precision temperature control as well as the possibility to adjust the manufacturing process to various batch sizes depending on the product enable exact reproducibility of product quality. This means that the users of the manufactured pigment preparations also benefit from higher process reliability.

However, the new unit also provides several enhancements concerning emissions and occupational safety. Noise for the operators was significantly reduced by the use of a frequency converter instead of conventional mechanical controllers. In addition, all rotating parts are protected. Desired adjustments can be easily made using the ergonomic control panel. Thanks to an integrated circulating cleaning system no rinsing solution is required, which offers an additional advantage for the environment.

Since an identically constructed smaller machine is in use at ISL’s laboratory, it is possible to transfer new formulas without quality loss by scale-up from laboratory scale to production scale. This means that development and production periods are significantly reduced.

Thanks to the installation of the new circulation mill, ISL now has a state-of-the-art unit for manufacturing aqueous pigment preparations.


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