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ADVANCED COLORS at Utech Europe 2012


Product innovations from ISL at the leading international event for the global polyurethanes market

This year’s Utech Europe trade fair will include both new applications for existing products and a range of product innovations from ISL, a manufacturer of pigment pastes and lacquers for the polyurethane industry with over 40 years’ experience.

ISL has proved itself as a skilled and knowledgeable partner in joint development projects with customers that have given rise to new, future-oriented products.

Technical solutions for new applications
ISL’s products are currently proving their value in new application areas, such as colouring of garden furniture.

Home and garden are taking on an increasing importance in many people’s lives. Deliberately surrounding yourself with nice things has become fashionable. This has been accompanied by an increase in demands in terms of design and colour schemes for garden furniture. This is an area where manufacturers can rely on ISL’s colour skills. ISL´s pigment pastes open up a wealth of opportunities to create colour schemes and satisfy stringent quality demands in the outdoor area, such as weather-resistance and ability to cope with heat, cold, moisture and UV radiation.

ISL also offers pigment pastes and IMC lacquers for maritime uses. The use of signal colours for buoys gives them good and lasting visibility, which can save lives. Buoys are also exposed to extreme conditions on the open sea. They have to be able to withstand the onslaughts of water, salt and UV radiation. Colour products that survive these conditions are also able to cope with other challenges.

The many applications to which polyurethane lends itself mean it can replace more traditional materials, e.g. in the lightweight area. Polyurethane replaces the normal steel surround in recyclable casings for gas bottles. These containers offer the advantage of increased resilience and thus a longer useful life, while also weighing less. ISL pigment pastes guarantee high-quality product exteriors that will last for their entire service life.

IMC for exterior uses
In-mould-coating (IMC) lacquers offer an extended protective function, in addition to an improved surface finish and a wider range of design options. By combining existing properties of the IMC-Lacquers with special parameters needed for high weathering-resistance ISL is now offering IMC lacquers for exterior applications for the first time.

A partner to the polyurethane industry for over 40 years
ISL is more than just a product supplier. A team of experienced application engineers and developers who work closely with customers and the market enable the company to respond quickly to trends, as well as helping to shape them.  An excellent understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in producing polyurethane and comprehensive knowledge of the raw materials has made ISL a reliable partner to the polyurethane industry for over 40 years now.

ISL’s attendance at the trade fair, whose theme is “Advanced Colors”, is rounded out by the new, state-of-the-art design used in its presentation.

ISL’s sales team is looking forward to swapping experiences with existing and prospective customers at stand 1770 at Utech Europe 2012, to be held in Maastricht from 17 to 19 April 2012.

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