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ISL at the ECS: New look – new products


ISL will have plenty to present at the ECS this year: the specialist in high-end colour products will be introducing its new logo as well as an expanded range of its ISOVERSAL series of products.

As a member of the Swiss Berlac Group, ISL is part of an expanding Group of companies specialising in the development and production of high-end solutions for the lacquer, coating and plastics industry. ISL’s market position is reinforced by the size, international character, performance and competence of the Group. The new look reflects this: long in tradition, the first three letters of the company name ISL-Chemie will in future appear combined with the umbrella brand of the Berlac Group – a globe with a reflecting surface.

ISOVERSAL: universal and special.

ISL has recently expanded and optimised its ISOVERSAL series. It now offers both universally applicable and specially tailored preparations for colouring industrial lacquer systems. The technology involved in ISOVERSAL-WU was redeveloped using official funding from the German Government. The colour pastes are our new offering for universal application in liquid systems. ISL developed a colour gallery for the tried-and-tested product ISOVERSAL-LM. At the touch of a button, ISL customers can access more than 4,000 recipes based on the various colour systems on the market. The ISOVERSAL series is rounded off by ISOVERSAL-PU, which is particularly suitable for polyurethane lacquers and coatings, and ISOVERSAL-CU for CASE applications. In addition, ISOVERSAL-EP is a new product that offers individual solutions for epoxy lacquers. In future, PVC lacquers can be coloured perfectly with ISOVERSAL-PH, and, with ISOVERSAL-PF we can also offer a phthalate-free version.

High-end colour products.

ISL has been well known as a specialist in high-end colour products for 40 years now. It goes without saying that all ISOVERSAL products fulfil quality demands: they are characterised by optimal pigment concentration, their excellent stability and the use of high-end pigments. The pigment preparations are ideally suited for application in automatic dosing systems. Through careful selection of pigments, ISOVERSAL covers the entire colour spectrum. Reproducible colour consistency as well as low tolerance ranges in the single-pigment pastes ensure product integrity and enhanced efficiency.

Come and speak to us and discover the new ISL. You’ll find us at the ECS in Hall 7A, at booth 122.

Kürten, Germany, February 11, 2011


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