Content - ISL-products for colouring of soft-PVC, for special designs or technical identification


ISL colour preparations are used as a design element and also for technical colour coding in numerous plasticised PVC applications.

The main field of application is plastisol colouring. Wherever liquid colour preparations can be processed mechanically, colouring can be carried out with ISL products using extrusion technology.   

ISL colour preparations are highly compatible with Soft-PVC systems. We put particular emphasis on optimal pigment selection for single-pigment pastes that cover the entire colour spectrum. The pigments feature excellent resistance against light, weather and migration. The outstanding rheological properties and excellent stability make the pigment preparations ideal for use in automatic dosing systems (volumetric and gravimetric). The entire colour range is also available in a phthalate-free version.

Product range:

Colour pastes for colouring Soft-PVC systems

Phthalate-free colour pastes for colouring Soft-PVC systems


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