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Polyurethane – colouring and coating.


Polyurethanes (PUs) are an integral component in countless consumer goods and industrial products. This material is used, for example, in foam, RIM, sealing compounds, coatings, lacquers and adhesives. It is essential that the colour paste integrates perfectly into the sensitive colouring system, so that product characteristics remain unchanged.

ISL’s PU colour pastes are specially tailored for use in a variety of PU systems. In order to fulfill the requirements of those systems, the different ISOPUR ranges, for example, are based on different binders. ISL products are specially developed and adapted for use in the respective PU system. Careful selection of organic and inorganic pigments with high light resistance and excellent stability ensures that the entire colour spectrum is fully covered. On request further product adaptations can be developed by us at any time, perfectly matched to your processes and systems.

Product range:

Colour pastes for colouring all types of polyurethane systems

Optical brightener/stabilizer blend "Antiscorching and antiquellowing"

Colour pastes for colouring polyurethane systems, specially suitable for slabstock / moulded foam systems (ether and ester)

RUNACOLOR® universal, RUNACOLOR® special
Pigment preparations for colouring aqueous, solvent-free and solvent-based industrial lacquers

Surface finish.

Some specialised PU applications require an additional lacquer finish on their surface, either for aesthetic reasons or as extra protection against physical or chemical exposure. 

Product range:

In-Mould-Coatings for surface finishing of moulded polyurethane parts; water-based ISOTHAN-WB lacquers comply with the latest emissions protection guidelines

In-Mould-Coatings for surface finishing of moulded polyurethane parts; solvent-based

The complete one-stop colouring solution.

On request, we will optimally match the colouristic properties of our ISOTHAN® lacquers to the pigment paste used for colouring. In this way ISL offers a tailor-made one-stop colouring solution.


Individual advice

Our colours and lacquers can be used in versatile applications. We are at your disposal with an individual advice for your special requirement.

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