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Epoxy resin.

Epoxy resins are used wherever extreme mechanical sturdiness and chemical resistance are required. ISL colour pastes for colouring epoxy systems help these materials to perform at their best.

ISL pigment preparations are highly compatible with epoxy systems, one of the reasons being that they are based on epoxy resin as carrier. The selected pigments offer high weather- and light fastness as well as high resistance against extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Possible applications for ISL colour pastes range from colouring high-quality floor coverings, via industrial floor coatings in factories or multi-storey car parks to use on oil-drilling platforms. Large surface areas in particular can be coloured homogenously, without deviations in colour. They add colour to electrical products, for example insulators, brackets and transformers, and they are increasingly used in 2-K epoxy adhesives - ISL has the right solution for every need.

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Colour pastes for colouring epoxy resin systems


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