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Experience and innovation – open for your requirements.

ISL has 50 years of experience in developing and producing liquid disperse systems such as colour pastes, lacquers and pigment preparations for colouring and painting of plastics and for colouring of lacquers in industrial applications.

The thermosetting plastics sector is the main area of application, including polyurethane, epoxy systems and PVC. These materials are used in products ranging from shoe soles via mattresses, wallpaper, floor coatings and wood protection lacquers to a multitude of parts for car interiors.

We adapt our products according to customer and final product requirements, and formulate specific products based on our extensive knowledge of raw materials used such as binders, dispersants, additives and pigments.   

We are continually optimising our products, respecting the latest technical and chemical developments in raw materials. We also take into consideration all recent amendments to legal guidelines, including those concerning material characteristics of final consumer goods made with our products.

The high quality of our products is reflected in our certifications: we have integrated additional criteria for the automotive industry into our DIN ISO 9001 certified quality management system, gaining us ISO / TS 16949 status, followed by IATF 16949. We also take responsibility for the environment; our programme adheres to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Apart from standard processes we use the latest detailed analysis methods in product development, production and quality assurance – to measure stability, to determine rheologic properties, colour properties and resistance to weathering. Our equipment includes IR spectrometers, a disc centrifuge, LUMiFuge®, rotating viscometers as well as xenon testers and, of course, several colour measuring systems.

In the interest of our customers we produce quality assured products efficiently, using the latest specialised technology.