Content - Pigment preparations with wide compatibility in lacquer systems

Pigment preparations compatible with a wide range of lacquer systems.

General information

This range of pigment pastes is characterized by the universal compatibility with various lacquer systems and consists of high-end aqueous, solvent-free and solvent-based pigment preparations for lacquers, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.




for water-based systems

for wood and furniture lacquers

Application areas/ Base

The water-based RUNACOLOR®-WU pigment preparations are completely free of solvents and binding agents and are suitable for high-end water-based industrial and building lacquers as well as water-based stains. RUNACOLOR®-WU pigment preparations are highly compatible with many aqueous systems, including 2K-PU and 2K-EP.

RUNACOLOR®-LM pigment preparations are highly compatible with solvent-based furniture lacquers (e.g. NC, NC combinations, PU, SH, acrylate, acrylate-melamine, acrylate-CAB). Base: Solvent-containing acrylic resin solution.

Product features/ -advantages

  • Mono pigment pastes
  • Careful selection of organic and inorganic pigments
  • Fully covering of the entire colour spectrum
  • Optimal pigment concentration
  • Highest light- and weathering fastness
  • High resistance to temperatures and chemicals
  • Qualified as tinting pastes as well as for producing full colour tones
  • Reproducible colour consistency  
  • Excellent rheological properties
  • Production within tight tolerances (colour strength, colour shade)
  • Particularly suitable for dosing units (volumetric, gravimetric)
  • Colour gallery for computer-aided colour formulation for the tried-and-tested product RUNACOLOR®-LM, customers can access more than 4,000 formulations based on the various colour systems on the market
  • All RUNACOLOR®-products are glycol-free
  • RUNACOLOR®-WU-products are VOC-free or have a low VOC content (under 0.5%).


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