Content - ISOPUR-UV-stabilizers provide an effective delay of the natural yellowing of the PU-system

UV-stabilisers provide an effective retardation of the natural yellowing process of PUR-Systems.

General information

We offer the following methods of UV-stabilisation:

  • As pure stabiliser
    The stabiliser is added to the polyol component. The stabilising solution can be applied to coloured as well as non-coloured systems to delay their yellowing process.
  • As UV-stabilised pigment paste
    Incorporating the stabiliser into the polyol component is done via the pigment paste. Adding an additional component into the system is thus no longer necessary. The assumption is, of course, that the dosage of the colour pastes remains constant, such that the stabiliser is being added consistently throughout the polyol. An incorrect dosage of the stabiliser will lead to a severe reduction in its effectiveness.

Application areas

  • All popular PU applications


  • Combination of UV-absorbers and radical scavengers

Product features/ -advantages

  • Efficient delay of the PU system’s natural yellowing
  • Efficient adding of UV-stabiliser via pigment paste


Individual advice

Our colours and lacquers can be used in versatile applications. We are at your disposal with an individual advice for your special requirement.

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