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Light and / or heat induced oxidation processes, involving a complex radical formation mechanism, activate aging and destructive processes, in particular in open-pored and fine-pored structures such as soft polyurethane foams. This results in yellowing, scorching or other material damages.

Our ISOPUR optical brightener stabilizer blend anti-scorching and anti-yellowing is a specially developed product for the extremely high requirements of soft polyurethane foams, and helps to optimize the photostability and thermostability significantly.

Damaging high-energy UV radiation is effectively filtered out. The optimally coordinated, synergetic blend also provides excellent protection against thermal stress. Thermally induced degradation during the manufacturing (scorching*) and processing phases (e.g. thermofoaming*) are effectively prevented.

In its optimum dosage, the blend satisfies even the most extreme demands and acts effectively against scorching. We recommend adding 3 % of the blend to the A component of your PU system.

An optical brightener component rounds off the range of efficacies, and produces a “super whitening effect”, a visually appealing and intensive (bluish) white.


  • Reduction of short- to medium-term yellowing of foams, e.g. from the production to sale of the finished product (approx. 4–6 weeks)

  • Foams for the textile industry (e.g. bra cups or shoulder pads), which are shaped in the thermofoaming process after production

  • Foams with a strong tendency towards scorching, e.g. in countries with hot climatic conditions and high air humidity, as well as for special foams with low density, high water content or flame-retardant systems

  • Foams in which a special “super whitening effect” is desired


  • Universally applicable, in polyether and polyester block foams

  • Our product is liquid and therefore easy to handle and dose

  • Low-fogging

  • Scorching is minimized (extent depending on dosage) during the manufacturing process

  • Yellowing resulting from the thermofoaming process is minimized (extent depending on dosage)

  • The already incorporated optical brightener provides an additional “super whitening effect”

  • Special product with a broad range of applications


On request, our ISOPUR additive blend "antiscorch and antiyellowing" is also available without the brightener component.


* Scorching is the term for the brown discoloration of the foam core, resulting from exothermal reactions that lead to heat buildup in large foam blocks during the manufacturing process.

* Thermofoaming process: Foam pressing at 160–180 °C for approximately 4–6 minutes in a metallic mould.




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