Content - Profound vocational training, a good start into the work life


As a socially responsible employer, ISL trains young people in the following areas:

• Certified laboratory technician – lacquer (Lacklaborantin/-laborant)

It is our objective to give apprentices a head start in their professional lives and we take a holistic approach towards achieving this.

This means: trainees are a part of the team from the start; they acquire in-depth knowledge of the company and its structures, are introduced systematically to their future tasks and take on responsibility from an early stage.

In practice this means that, should you choose a commercial apprenticeship, you will also learn about our laboratory areas and vice versa. In this way you will get to know your colleagues in all areas, helping you to understand how a chemical company works and how the different departments interact.

Furthermore, trainees take on responsibility from an early stage. This is challenging and exciting because everything you do is a part of the actual daily work of the company, ensuring job satisfaction in a job well done.