Content - Pigment preparations with good compatibility in coating systems

Colouring lacquers with RUNACOLOR®.

ISL offers high-quality pigment preparations for colouring lacquer systems in the lacquer industry under the RUNACOLOR® brand name to the lacquer industry. The technologically revised and expanded RUNACOLOR® range offers product series for universal use in a multitude of applications as well as specialised solutions, specially tailored for customer-specific lacquer systems. They are suitable for a wide range of applications.

All RUNACOLOR® preparations feature an optimal pigment concentration, the use of high-quality pigments and excellent storage stability.

Reproducible colour consistency as well as low tolerance ranges in the single-pigment pastes ensure product integrity and enhanced efficiency. The pigment preparations are ideally suited for application in automatic dosing systems (volumetric and gravimetric).

We are responding to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products with water-based paints and products that are VOC-free or have a low VOC content (below 0.5%). All RUNACOLOR® products are glycol-free.

Product range:

RUNACOLOR® universal
Pigment preparations compatible with a wide range of lacquer systems

RUNACOLOR® special
Pigment preparations, specially tailored for individual lacquer binders


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