Content - ISL-color products satisfy different demands in the furniture industry

Individual design with high-quality colour products.

ISL colour products have various functions in the furniture industry.

They are used as a design element in colouring plastic parts, e.g. for arm- and backrests or table edgings. A further protective surface finishing is achieved by using our specialised lacquers, e.g. on high-quality garden furniture.

Moreover, the brilliant pigment preparations allow designing  all colour trends for furniture lacquers, for example for kitchen unit surfaces of first class kitchen producers. 

Product range:

Colour pastes for colouring polyurethane systems

In-Mould-Coatings for coating of moulded polyurethane parts

RUNACOLOR® universal
Pigment preparations for colouring wood lacquers and furniture lacquers


Individual advice

Our colours and lacquers can be used in versatile applications. We are at your disposal with an individual advice for your special requirement.

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