Content - ISL-color pastes enable quick response to fashion color trends

Colour pastes – functional, customer specific, efficient.

The versatile ISL colour paste portfolio can be used for a multitude of applications in the footwear industry: polyurethane sole manufacturing, work and safety boots, fashion footwear, children’s shoes, polyurethane boots, trainers. ISL colour pastes add an individual colour touch  to polyurethane soles, providing a quick way to incorporate current colour fashion trends. With our UV-stabilised colour pastes there is no need to add a separate UV stabiliser. The highly functional colour pastes are specially tailored to individual production and process requirements. In this way they help to increase efficiency during the various production stages.

Product range:

Colour pastes for colouring polyurethane systems

Colour pastes for colouring and UV-stabilising polyurethane systems


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