Content - Colorants for coloring polyurethane systems, epoxy resin systems, coatings and lacquers

Uniform colouring for large surfaces.

ISL colour products are widely used in the construction industry for a multitude of applications. Large surface areas in particular can be coloured homogenously, without deviations in colour. ISL offers the right solution for every colouring need. Possible applications range from colouring of high quality floor coatings, on request with glitter effect, via protective coatings, insulation, floor coverings in factories and sports pitches to use on oil-drilling platforms.

Product range:

Colour pastes for colouring polyurethane systems

Colour pastes for colouring epoxy resin systems

RUNACOLOR® universal, RUNACOLOR® special
Pigment preparations for colouring coatings and lacquers


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